Monday, June 26, 2006

Indians, Blacks and Liberal warfare

It's odd that the Left spends so much time describing how Whites destroyed Indian culture, which they savagely did, of course, but can't learn the right lessons from it.

Lakota author Joseph Marshall III, talking about the last "battle" of the Indian Wars, Wounded Knee, explains what eludes them:
There was a period of traumatic change over a period of a few years when one kind of lifestyle ended and another began. There was no more purpose to hunt because the government was going to provide all the annuities in the form of beef and flower and all the other things they were providing. There was no more need for protection because the wars were over. So what the government did was effectively render obsolete the societal role of the male that had existed for thousand of generations. (The Real West: Wounded Knee, History Channel)
Please don't be sophomoric and complain that the analogy is false, a favorite tactic of the dull witted. Instead, try to learn from what similarities there are.

Whites are basically doing the same thing to Blacks today. Of course not all Whites are trying to destroy Black, just Liberals. To be fair, since the (often hidden) core of Liberalsim is nihilism, they are trying to destroy everyone who is Other. Also, not all Blacks are the targets of the destructive policy, just those least able to defend against it -- just like the Indians vs. the Hotchkiss gun.

It is not the army which destroys culture; it is Leftist government policies like those we used against the Sioux et al. For many years, most major inner-cities have been under Liberal policies and we all know how that is working out. The Great Society is a dismal failure as are our schools. Liberals are not waging a war on poverty; they are waging a war on the poor.

An interesting note: the reporters at Wounded Knee lied about the war just like ours are doing today.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This should give you pause

[this was accidentally posted to another of my blogs in April]

lgf: Orwellian Image of the Day

Of course, they are just happy for the cheap energy.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Considering Partition of Iraq

I'm mulling over the proposal that Iraq should be partitioned. Some aspects of it are appealing to me, but I have reservations also. My primary concern is that partioning Iraq would mean undoing the newly elected government. What do we say to the Iraqis? "Hey, we're real proud of y' all for risking your lives to vote, but we have a new plan".

Anyway, here are the more thoughtful posts on the subject that I've seen:
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"Don't Purposefully Partition Iraq" By Gregory Djerejian at The Belgravia Dispatch