Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Prayer for Progressives

A prayer for Progressives:

God grant them the serenity to accept that individuals will not be changed just because you pass a law,
the courage to refrain from restricting freedom just because they can,
and the wisdom to know that capitalism, like life, always finds a way.

See Daily Press , Local news: "Students turn a profit from candy sales", March 20, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bravo to David Mamet

Bravo to David Mamet on this excellent post. (Sorry, if the link doesn't work.) The title of the piece is "David Mamet: Why I am no longer a 'Brain-Dead' Liberal" in The Village Voice.

Also, reading the comment thread, I'm reminded of mistakes I frequently hear from both Liberals and professional Liberal pundits. These are my favorites.
1. confusing everything Republicans do as coming from conservative principles
2. confusing everything any given Conservative does as coming from conservative principles
3. believing that Religious right is synonymous with conservatism
4. confusing Liberalism with liberalism
5. believing that wealthy people are uniquely or exceptionally self interested
6. believing Republicans/conservatives are uniquely or exceptionally hypocritical
7. believing Liberal politicians are selfless leaders who would never abuse excessive power that Liberals seek to bestow upon them
8. believing government can save us from ourselves
9. believing Liberals/Progressives and Religious Right operate from very different principles
10. Confusing compassion with condescension

Moral Authority--In the Eye of the Beholder?

Liberals have clamored since 2003 that the U.S.A. lost its moral authority in the world when we invaded Iraq.
Conservatives know that you do what you think is right, even when others condemn you for it.
Nancy Pelosi is getting a taste. Will she lose sleep over China's criticism?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stuff I Love

Stuff White People Like
I love this site.
Especially this post about The Poor
I got a great laugh out of the comment thread on this post about NPO's. The more self-righteous the target, the more bitter and humorless the commenter. I especially like comment 36: this guy makes $11K/year in San Francisco. I wonder if he ever considered that he could live in Tennessee, get a $22K/year job at a for-profit company, donate $11K to a charity of his choice, and still have $11K/year left to live on in Tennessee where the cost of living is a lot lower? But then how could he get his mad props for being so progressive? (Unless it turns out the comment is ironic, but who can tell?)

Sheep and Wolves

From the Iliad:" . . . Hector faced Achilles. He cried out to him, 'If I kill you I will give back your body to your friends and do you do the same to me.' But Achilles answered, 'Madman. There are no covenants between sheep and wolves, nor between you and me." (from Hamilton's Mythology)

Reading this passage reminds me of a current dilemma facing Americans. What is our legal relationship with the rest of the world?

Certainly, there are covenants that govern the interactions among nations. What obligation exists between parties who are committed to a covenant and those who are not? If a nation does not enter a treaty, or breaks one, how can it claim the benefits of said treaty? What if the party in question is not a nation at all?

In the end, doesn't it break down to "sheep and wolves"?

Through his rage, Achilles sees all as sheep beneath him. Who are we? Who are our enemies?

In the war between the West and Radical Islamic Terrorists, one party targets school girls, beheads civilians, stores ammo under the beds of its own children, and sends mentally disabled "martyrs" where the able minded are increasingly unwilling to go.