Thursday, September 08, 2005

What I've learned About Diversity

This month I got some good diversity training. I learned the difference between an efficiently run corporation, and a system mired in government bureaucracy. I work for the former, my husband for the latter.

I will receive my first pay check within 2 weeks of my hire date.
Nick will receive his almost 2 months from his hire date.

I have the option of declining benefits in return for a higher wage (Which I will use to buy the insurance I prefer).
Nick has no options; just a use it or lose it benefits package which includes an FSA. (No one likes FSA's; HSA's were created because FSA's are stupid.)

My diversity training acknowleged that prejudice is a natural feeling, but we individuals can and must behave appropriately at work. It made clear that intent is an important component in determining where harassment exists.
Nick watched this laughable scenario in a training video:
Man and pregnant co-worker accidentally back into each other:
Man: "Whoa! We should attach warning lights to you ! 'Wide load'. My wife couldn't wait to spit our baby out. Maybe we should put you on the fork lifts to shake that little tyke loose. Hang in there!"
Woman: uncomfortableble smile
Narrator: " That may seem to you like friendly banter, but that kind of banter could invite a law suit."

COME ON! A civil trial because some dork is tact-impaired? I wanted to sue over the film's implication that women are gutless and thin skinned to the point of incompetence.

My employer is providing aid to the victims of hurricane Katrina.
Nick's customers are providing aid to the victims of hurricane Katrina.

I am a registered nurse in the labor and delivery unit at Covenant Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center.
Nick is a Latin teacher for the Knox County school system.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blame Anyone But New Orleans

I have long labored under the apparently mistaken notion that the president is not omnipotent. According to the numerous babble holes lapping up their 15 minutes of opportunism, it is President Bush who is responsible for the suffering in New Orleans. Not Mother Nature. Not the New Orleans city officials. Not the Louisiana state government. And most assuredly, not the able-bodied looters who continue to impair the rescue process.

Here's the thing. Not every problem can be laid at the door step of one man. This F"d-up dialogue convinces the ignorant masses that they have one central figure to blame, and that if they could just get the right guy, this sort of thing wouldn't happen. It is this kind of sophomoric thinking and scapegoating that has allowed New Orleans to become what it is. The remains of a community that placed its trust in parasitic bureaucracy.

P.S. While Bush was ruthlessly criticized for a 3 Minute pause after the 9-11 attacks, few remember that Kerry admitted that he was unable to even think for 35 minutes. If you work that out proportionately to the Katrina crisis, would there yet be a rescue in progress?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Politicized of New Orleans tragedy

Hey everybody, remember me? I haven't felt like blogging for a long time; I've hardly even watched the news for the past two months. The news coverage in general is too shallow and biased; it always leaves me with questions they don't even ask . But today, I heard something that shook me out of my political catatonia, and back into blogging.

Live, from New Orleans, an ABC news correspondent took his opportunity to play Left against Right, to thumb his nose at conservatives as hurricane victims suffered around him. He commented on the Sean Hannity show this afternoon that Liberal radio talk show hosts had been very generous in fund raising/ relief efforts. He jibed, [I don't know what conservative radio hosts have contributed, but I'd like to start a competition . . .]. (Brackets indicate the slightest paraphrase).

Now wait just one minute! I wasn't born yesterday! I'm sure he would have kept his innuendo to himself if he new that statistically, Red states contribute more money to charities than Blue states. He didn't bother to find out what Conservative hosts were up to, but he was confident that we Hannity listeners would be impressed that Lib radio hosts gave to charity at a time of great media coverage.

This guy is supposed to report the news, not try to persuade us to like Liberals (few of which are passing up this opportunity to begin campaigning).

Welcome back, me! Thanks!