Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obama's Sleazy Sale of Health Care Reform

When I was a very young woman, a slick salesman sold me a gym membership. Actually, he wasn't that slick, but he definitely had techniques, and I was very naive.

The fabulous package was all detailed in the 2 page fine print contract he slid across the desk to me. No time to think about it, no time to read the contract, it was urgent, urgent, urgent that I sign right away! And he was cool, didn't I want to be cool? Tomorrow could be too late! I would be healthy, I would look fabulous! What could be wrong with that!

I couldn't afford it. That's what was wrong with that.

I was caught up in the excitement and urgency. I signed.

The next day, of course, reality set in. Buyer's remorse prompted me cancel the contract. It wasn't easy, and I had to have help, but I got out.

Now I can see Obama and his allies using the same slick sales techniques.

The miraculous package is all detailed in a 1000 page, fine print bill. No time to read it, just sign the bill, hurry, trust us, we'll take care of you, we care about you, don't you trust us, aren't you cool, don't you care about the uninsured, we'll be healthier, we'll be fabulous, like Europeans!

But when America wakes up, there'll be no way out of this contract. And this contact can be changed almost at will by them, but not by you. Trust them. Go ahead, . . .

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