Monday, August 10, 2009

What's Wrong with this Pyongyang Picture

What a strange collection of coincidences.

The news station who sent the reporters is "fronted by Clinton's former vice president Al Gore"?

One of the reporters is Laura Ling, desperate to duplicate the fame of her sister Lisa Ling?

A "Left-wing cable television network" is involved in a story that gives Bill Clinton revived legitimacy?

The reporters were suspected to be spies, but were well treated, allowed to receive correspondence and gifts from home?

Euna's husband is a struggling actor.

This "tragic" story seem loaded with prizes for every one involved except Obama. Don't you worry about him though. I'd bet he'll receive much praise for achieving a diplomatic solution, even humbling his status for the greater good. Please read the linked news report. Draw your own conclusions

Thanks Drudge Report and Mail Online

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Endymion said...

Holy Cow. Thanks for this post. Geesh is there no end to the ugly corruption of these Leftists? It would be hard to convince me that these coincidences are in fact coincidence. In any case, It seems to me that even if the bigger players had a sort of plan all along, these two girls are useful idiots. Why do Liberals never learn?